Have You or a Family Member a Victim of Prison Inmate Abuse?

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US prisons are supposed to provide a safe environment where convicted felons can reflect about their past mistakes and reform. Instead, they are violent and unsafe places where prisoners often die as a result of neglect and abuse.

If you or a family member have suffered inmate abuse at a US federal prison or state prison, county jail, or another correctional facility, you can sue prison authorities, and the government.

If abuse was perpetrated by another inmate while guards looked the other way, you may still have grounds to sue, as the government is supposed to shield you from in-prison violence.

Our top-tier attorneys have secured multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in dozens of cases of inmate abuse and jail injury or death lawsuits. Many of them have worked on the other side of the fence, in law enforcement and government, and know how the system works – now they’re on the right side.

Where justice may be elusive for less experienced attorneys, our attorneys can hold cities and states accountable with high profile lawsuits and the media spotlight, while maximizing compensation for victims and their families.  

Our team of investigators have a solid track record of getting to the bottom of the most complex cases, working through the many layers of deceit created by dishonest cops and guards to avoid the truth from coming to light.

Jail Death and Injury Law’s attorneys are civil rights advocates who know the ins and outs of the prison system. They have reached favorable settlements and verdicts in cases of:

If you suspect these or other forms of inmate abuse have taken place in a US prison or detention center, consult with one of our attorneys immediately. 

Our inmate abuse specialists have secured multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements all over the US, from New York, Indiana, Nevada and Idaho to California, Texas, and Arizona and beyond.

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When a Person is Arrested or Convicted - They Have Rights!

All instances of inmate abuse should be investigated, whether it was perpetrated by guards or other inmates. When abuse, neglect, and sexual assault occur in prison, independent investigations happen only rarely.

Attempts to cover up and protect the culprits are common, and you need a seasoned team of investigators and litigators on your side to uncover the truth. Our team will quickly establish whether your case has merit and if does, file a civil rights lawsuit for compensation.

Police officers and prison guards are paid with taxpayer money to protect us from harm and not the other way around.

Under US laws, people who are in prison, in jail, or otherwise detained by law enforcement have a right:

  • To live in humane facilities and conditions
  • Not be sexually assaulted or raped
  • Not to be racially segregated or discriminated
  • To express complaints about incarceration conditions
  • To enjoy required care and accessibility in case of diability
  • The receive adequate medical care
  • To receive adequate mental health care
  • Not to be beaten, asphyxiated or subjected to unreasonable force
  • Not to be unnecessarily endangered
  • To receive adequate nourishment
  • Not to be deprived of water
  • To be free from psychological and emotional torture

Cops, prison guards, and other law enforcement officers are there to protect these rights. When they fail to do so, you can sue them to prevent further abuse and receive compensation for physical and moral damages.

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Payouts in Inmate Abuse Cases Are on the Rise

In the past, prisoner’s rights were the last thing to consider for the justice system. Every year, payouts in inmate abuse cases keep growing, and even the most vulnerable can now seek reparations and punishment for an often abusive system.

In July 2017, 32 people who had been held at the West Valley Detention Center settled an inmate abuse case with the San Bernardino County and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. They received a total of  $2.5 million to resolve allegations of systematic torture by a group of rogue deputies.

In May 2017, New York City agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle a prison guard rape lawsuit filed by two inmates of the female correctional facility at Rikers Island. The plaintiffs claimed the same officer had raped them and sexually abused them repeatedly. 

In the fall of 2017, the estate of Janene Wallace, a woman who committed suicide after being held in confinement and encouraged to kill herself by guards, received a $7 million settlement. Wallace, who  was an inmate at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County, hanged herself after over 50 days in solitary. The crime that deprived her of her freedom: probation violation. 

In November 2017, the family of Michael Marshal, a mentally ill inmate who was killed by deputies at Denver’s downtown jail, received a $4.6 million settlement from the city. The deal also involved a commitment to change policies and offer more protection for mentally ill detainees.

If you or your family member were detained and abuse took place, you can sue and seek justice and compensation. Our experienced attorneys, respected expert witnesses, and seasoned investigators can help.

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You Have a Limited Time to File an Inmate Abuse Lawsuit. Act Now

Inmate abuse lawsuits are filed under a law known as Section 1983. You can file a lawsuit under Section 1983 for a limited period of time after the abuse took place. Federal law does not establish a statute of limitations, so, the time you have depends on the state.

In some states, you have only a year to file suit, in others, you have three. Only an experienced inmate abuse attorney can tell you which time frame applies to your specific case.

Prison officials and guards can and do alter records and make victims look like the culprits. Even when you have three years to file suit, the longer you wait, the harder it will be for investigators and attorneys to uncover the truth.

Neither a badge, nor a prison guard uniform allows anyone to deprive you or your family member of your constitutional rights. Dishonest and violent individuals should not be put in a position of power. The longer you wait to file suit and start a serious, independent investigation, the more new victims will suffer.

Over the years, the attorneys at Jail Death and Injury Law have developed unique strategies and built a national network of connections that can help them get to the bottom of your case, often in spite of cover-up attempts. They have a well-known track record of maximizing claims and holding culprits accountable.

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