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Welcome to our Jail Death and Injury law firm website.

Thousands of people die at the hands of police or in jails each year. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners receive substandard healthcare. It’s been almost 50 years since the United States Supreme Court said that all persons in custody have a Constitutional right to adequate healthcare yet in some jails, care is limited to that provided by unqualified vocational nurses or doctors that earn just $5.00 per patient.

If you are visiting our website, chances are that you have been a victim of police brutality or have suffered a serious personal injury while in custody.

You may be related to someone who was wrongfully shot by police. Perhaps you gave birth to a child in jail and lost that child because of inadequate care or had a child sexually assaulted in a juvenile facility.

Trying to find justice when the victim is a prisoner is often difficult. Despite hundreds of police shootings each year, few officers lose their jobs and almost none are criminally prosecuted. Sadly, it doesn’t even seem to matter if the person killed by the police was unarmed or was shot in the back.

Unless a sexual assault was involved, prosecutions of corrections officers and jail guards are even more rare. Jail and prison inmates are sadly forgotten. It often seems as if no one cares. But that’s not quite accurate.

We care. And we fight back.

By visiting our jail death, police misconduct and prison healthcare malpractice site, you are taking the first step in finding justice.

Hi, I am attorney Brian Mahany and I am glad you made that first step. We have helped our clients collect over $100,000,000.00 in compensation but that is just a small part of the story. I am not just a lawyer but also a former corrections officer, prosecutor and police officer. No one knows the way system works better than us.

One of the places I worked as a cop was in New Orleans. The corruption was frightening as was the state’s determination to devote as few resources as possible to housing and caring for offenders. Since I left, things have only become worse.

Go to New Orleans today and 1 in 7 black men are incarcerated or on paper. Go anywhere in the state and the going rate for caring for prisoners is just $24.39 per day!

It’s not just Louisiana that’s bad, police throughout the United States continue to shoot unarmed suspects and prisons continue to cut healthcare budgets.

The newest phenomena are private prisons and privatized prison healthcare where companies compete to see who can further cut care and services while maximizing profits. For these private prisons and healthcare companies, its profits over prisoners.

If you were injured today on a city bus, chances are pretty good that your mailbox would soon be filled with letters from lawyers hoping to get your business. Victims of high profile police shootings may attract some attention from the legal profession but that’s about it.

Few lawyers seem to care about or the plight of prisoners. Part of the problem is that prisoners have limited access to legal professionals. Criminal defense lawyers know how to work the jails but not personal injury lawyers.  Worse, most personal injury lawyers mean well but don’t understand the special rules and protections offered to law enforcement officers and jails.

Many people think that prisoners lose all rights when arrested or convicted but that’s simply not true. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution protects everyone from cruel or unusual punishment. You don’t lose all your rights when the cuffs go on or the cell door clanks shut.

As lawyers, we understand that if we allow the state and its army of police and jail guards to abuse their power, we will someday all face the tyranny that inevitably comes from a police state.

We refuse to surrender to abuses of power.

Can I Sue the Police? Can I Sue the Jail? The Prison Healthcare Contractor?

“Can I sue the police?” or “Can I sue the jail / prison / prison healthcare provider?” are questions we hear constantly.

Sadly, there are very few lawyers willing to step into that space. Of the few that do, most are personal injury lawyers that hope to gain a few extra bucks by taking a jail or shooting case. We are different, jail death and police misconduct cases are the cases we seek.

Visit the website of other lawyers that claim they handle these cases and you will likely see much of their site is directed to car accidents, slip and falls and other injuries. Not us.

We are a boutique firm that has handled cases in 40 states including Hawaii and Alaska. We have partnered with experienced police misconduct and civil rights lawyers across the country to prosecute cases wherever they may arise.

Because cops and guards rarely face criminal charges (no matter how outrageous their behavior), we use the civil justice system and rely on juries to obtain justice for our clients and their families.

The best way to obtain justice is often through lawsuits where a jury decides whether the officers acted properly. Unfortunately, jurors are sometimes reluctant to convict an officer of criminal charges but they will award civil damages and will punish outrageous misconduct with punitive damage awards.

Our team of jail misconduct and police shooting lawyers have the skill and experience to prosecute a wide variety of government misconduct including:

  • Jail and prison wrongful death
  • Sexual assault by corrections officers
  • Police shootings
  • Prison healthcare malpractice
  • Malpractice involving jail births
  • Jail suicides
  • Police or jail beatings involving catastrophic permanent injuries

We will help you collect the maximum compensation for your injuries including pain and suffering. In appropriate cases, we will also help you collect punitive damages designed to punish outrageous behavior and make sure it never happens again.

Don’t ignore police and jail misconduct. No one loses their Constitutional rights simply because they were arrested or ran from the police.

Our network of investigators and experienced trial lawyers will protect your rights including your rights:

  • Not to be beaten;
  • Not to be killed (directly or indirectly);
  • Not to be subjected to unreasonable force;
  • Not to be sexually abused or assaulted;
  • Not to be deprived of medical care; and
  • Not to be deprived of food/water

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