Do You Suspect Foul Play in a Case of Death in Custody?

If someone in your family died in custody under suspicious circumstances, our team of experienced attorneys and legal investigators can help you discover the truth and maximize family compensation.

Our death in custody attorneys have a solid track record of helping families get the maximum compensation in cases of death at police stations, during arrest, in county jail, state prison, immigration detention, or federal prison.

If one of your loved ones died during arrest, in jail, or in prison, you can sue: 

  • Cops, immigration officers, and other law enforcement officers
  • Local police and sheriff's departments
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents
  • County jails and federal prisons
  • Cities, states, and the federal government

After losing a loved one, families can feel overwhelmed. Our legal team of attorneys, investigators, and medical experts place the family at the heart of the process. We will accompany you every step of the way until the truth comes to light and the responsible parties are held accountable.

Our national group of civil rights lawyers has represented many bereaved families, offering powerful legal representation and knowledgeable support from the initial stages of our investigation until the more complex instances of litigation and trial.

Whether your loved one died in jail, in prison, at an immigration detention center, during arrest, or elsewhere, our team will work closely with you to ensure your questions are answered and you receive adequate compensation for your terrible loss. 

Our experienced team of attorneys have secured favorable verdicts and settlements in high profile cases in New York, Florida, California, Texas, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, and across the United States. They are passionate civil rights advocates who pride themselves in securing the highest level of compensation in death in custody cases across many jurisdictions by spotlighting official negligence and misconduct resulting in death or serious injury. 

A number of our top-tier attorneys and investigators had successful careers in law enforcement prior to becoming lawyers. They know the system from the inside, and they have the right connections to get to the bottom of things. If your loved one was tasered or beaten to death in custody, died as a result of neglect or abuse, or was shot by police without justification, we can help.

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Death in Custody: Were Your Loved One's Rights Violated?

Prisoners Have Rights. Police Officers and Prison Employees are Paid with Taxpayer Money to Ensure that People in Custody Remain Safe. It Is Part of Their Job to Protect the Rights of Inmates and Arrestees.

“Custody” is defined in the US as formal arrest or restraint on freedom of movement, but a death that occurs during the process of arrest is also considered a death in custody. 

Misconduct by law enforcement that can result in death in custody includes:

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Compensation in Death in Custody Cases is on The Rise

Cases of inmate death and death during arrest receive more and more media attention, leading to increasingly large payouts, enforcement actions, and sometimes even policy changes.

The family Of Bradley Thomas, a mentally-ill inmate who died in custody at Lincoln County Jail, received $2.85 million from Lincoln County, Oregon. According to a spokesperson, “no one at Lincoln County bothered to provide [Thomas] the medical care he needed or to get him to a hospital. And that’s a fundamental violation of his civil rights.”

Michael Marshall died during a psychotic episode while in custody at Denver Jail in Colorado. In addition to securing a $4.6 million settlement, a lawsuit filed by his family forced the Denver (CO) Sheriff’s office to agree to hire mental health professionals for local detention centers.

It doesn’t take a psychiatric condition to die in custody. In early 2015, Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore, Maryland resident, died after suffering a spinal cord injury in a police van. As a result of a death in custody lawsuit, six police officers that participated in the arrest were indicted, and the Gray family received a $6.4 million settlement.

Medical neglect is another common cause of inmate death. The family of Mark Cannon received a $1.1 million settlement after he died at New York’s Albany County Jail in 2014. Cannon suffered a stroke and jail staff waited 12 hours to call an ambulance for him. According to an investigative report ordered by the local Commission of Correction, the care he received was "so grossly inadequate... it shocks the conscience."

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Families CAN Get Justice

Act NOW to Secure Death in Custody Compensation and Hold the Culprits Accountable

Death in custody claims must be made within legal time limits (“statutes of limitation”).

No matter how horrendous the crime, after one or two years (depending on the location, i.e. which state), the opportunity to make a claim is generally over. Besides, when an individual dies in custody, the police and prison staff have many chances to tamper with the evidence and we know that happens – very often.

Filing a civil rights or other lawsuit and initiating a serious investigation soon is your only chance of finding the truth. If you want to know what happened to your loved one, your best shot is to act now. 

Our attorneys represent the families of those who have suffered abuse, neglect, injury, or death at the hands of police and other detaining authorities. They are recognized by policy-makers and peers as among the leading firms in the field.

Regardless of what triggered the arrest or conviction, people in custody have civil rights which must be respected under federal and state laws. Unethical police officers and detention center staff must be held accountable.

We know nothing can repair the terrible loss of a loved one, but they deserve justice, and your case could help bring reform to a failing system.

JailDeathandInjuryLaw lawyers and investigators have the know-how and resources to bring the truth to light in any death in custody case. Our proven strategies consistently maximize claims and expose unethical and illegal behavior by law enforcement and prison/jail personnel.

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