Witness to George Floyd's Murder Shares His Story (Exclusive)

Witness to George Floyd's Murder Shares His Story (Exclusive)

The following is the unedited statement of Maurice Lester Hall. Maurice, known to his friends as Reece, was in the car with George Floyd at the time of George’s arrest and tragic death.  Our colleague Mark Kallenbach had the privilege and honor of representing Reece.

There are few people today who haven’t heard of George Floyd or the man responsible for his death, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. While George’s story certainly is center in both the media and in Congress, we share the thoughts of his close friend and witness to his tragic death.

We are living in strange and troubled times. Many readers don’t know that I began my career as a police officer. Despite all the demands to “defund” the police, there will always be a need for law enforcement, for folks willing to protect the community and especially its most vulnerable members.

Unfortunately there are too many police officers who have no business having a gun and a badge. That doesn’t make all of them bad, however. Ditto for our corrections officers and the medical professionals who staff our thousands of jails and prisons.

As America debates a new model for policing and corrections and as we desperately grapple with racial divisiveness in society, our team and nationwide network of civil rights lawyers remain steadfast in our mission to represent those who are victims of unjust police shootings, assaults and neglect in our jails.

To learn more about what we do, contact us online, by email [hidden email] or by phone 866-836-4684.

Before we hand the mic to Reece, we want to share a GoFundMe page set up to help him transition from homelessness. His page can be found here: MAURICE LESTER HALL GOFUNDME https://gofund.me/4754f68a

Without further ado, here is Reece’s statement delivered to the media after the jury announced it reach a verdict in the case against George’s killer, Derek Chauvin.


The World Should Know,

My name Maurice L. Hall known amongst friends and family as Reece.

Unfortunately, I lost my older brother due to a rare disease, Lupus syndrome.

That void was replaced with brothers like Mr. Floyd. In 2011, I moved to Minneapolis. George and I would draw energy from one another, listening and being a shoulder to lean on, strengthening the bond between us. We had the same Christian values, friends & family connections. We attended the same events back home. We had Chemistry. Outside of George, I have no family here in Minnesota. Texas 1900 miles away, Floyd’s big shoes filled a void of Ups, Downs, Struggles and home sickness that I go through.

George was always positive. I remember times talking about his legacy in hip hop, and he would always shine a light on any up-and-coming underground Stars. That’s why I admire him, always promoting others, and sacrificing his strength giving back, being an adder to anybody’s life he would encounter.

George and I would mentor with each other cuz iron sharpens iron. He was definitely a leader and protector of all children. Naturally!

This unspeakable act of violence, that shocked the nation and led to the senseless death of my dear friend is surreal. Another heartache that will stick with me, is when George yelled out TO ME! He ‘loves me!’ Also, tell his children he ’loves them’! That’s forever burned deep in my heart. World widely, he knew he was fading away so did the crowd. However, he left us with a sign of his true demeanor. Not once did he curse the ex-officers. Why? I can tell you why. My friend was a good guy.

Him and I both experienced a lot in our lives. That gave us a balanced and diverse perspective. Stumbling at times, but guess what? Mr. George Perry Floyd was a real brother. He would give hugs and firm handshakes! I miss da Big Guy. I believe he’s now presence with our Heavenly Father. Through prayer I have to look up to gain strength & courage. I’m working on earth, being a law-abiding citizen to someday join him.

                                                   LONG! LIVE! BIG FLOYD!         

My heart goes out to all families of any hate crime. I’m dedicating my life to my loved ones, children and this important movement of change. I wish to keep seeking justice, until a change comes to our world against an evil spirit to end all racial discrimination and unnecessary police brutality. Forever!

Right now, I’m very helpless in a dark place and space. When George called out,


Knowing nothing I could do to intervene. That gnaws at my heart and mental. I suffer major trauma from this evil act that I can’t erased from my memories, knowing that it will never be sane. For me, the grief will be everlasting.

However, I will do all I can to carry our story. MAKING A POSITIVE CHANGE! NO MATTER WHAT!MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!

It’s going to take the man in me to conquer this insanity.

So Please be respectful of the jury’s decision, two wrongs never have made a bad act right. No one knows what a jury will ultimately decide.

If the ex-police officer is convicted as I think that he should be, I will accept that decision without gloating or boasting. My Big Bro Mr. Floyd is gone, a conviction will not bring him home.

On the other hand, if the ex-police officer is not convicted, all that means, is, the very high standard of guilt beyond reasonable doubt was not achieved. I will respect the jury system, and I know that the jurors will have done their best job. I will be sad. Yet, I still know that my love one was murdered.

Whatever decision the jury may make, please. America let us not burn and tear down our beautiful cities, stores and Landmarks. Store owners and businesses did not kill my friend. I know Big Floyd, He would never approve of such destruction.

We must not pay evil for evil!

By working together with positive energy and showing respect for one another we can end police brutality.

Rev. Martin Luther King once said: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope but Negotiate, demonstrate and Resist.”

Reese! A man of a better future believes my higher power Creator God has blessed me with integrity and dignity and worth. My higher power Creator God can restore my life. No one of us is more able than all of us. As a man of a better future, I shall, continue to work on my individual prosperity plan. Continue my efforts to transform my life, mind, body and spirit. Continue all efforts to re-engage my family and children to promote their wellbeing. Seek to become a valuable asset to my community and a fully participating citizen.


Thank you for hearing me. Stay safe, healthy and mask up as one Nation Under God bless each of you.

Your’s Truly,

Reece ‘Da Priest

[George Floyd Image from Wikipedia]


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