An Introduction to Jail Death and Injury Law - Former Cop Now Lawyer for Victims Brian Mahany

Cops make mistakes. Like you and I, they have good days and bad days. But we give them power and guns and have the right to expect more. When corrections officers or cops make mistakes, we have a right to hold them accountable. Sometimes tragedies occur because the officers lack proper training. Sometimes people are hurt because the officer has no business wearing a badge, they simply don’t have the right temperament. And sometimes the officers are just bad cops, as in racist or violent.

If you have been seriously injured by a law enforcement officer, sexually assaulted by a prison guard or God forbid, a loved one was killed by a cop, get answers. Call us at the number at the beginning and end of the video and we will connect you with a lawyer trained and experienced in police misconduct and wrongful shooting cases. Don’t waste your time on the local personal injury lawyer, call an experienced professional.

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